Die Entwicklerseite der verbreitetsten Opensource-Forensoftware ist offensichtlich gehackt worden.

Momentan ist folgender Text auf der Seite zu lesen:

At present is offline due to a group of politically motivated hackers wishing to use an opensource project to push their agenda … shame on them.

I will take this opportunity to note that given currently available information this hacking episode does not appear to be due to phpBB itself. Instead a third party application looks to have been the problem. Other sites were attacked at the same time as by the same group displaying the same information and in these cases the same third party application has been suggested as the common factor (thus far). Equally we are not aware of any other phpBB boards being attacked and we have not been notified of any valid security issues recently. Obviously we will have more details when we’ve reviewed just what happened.

Also offenbar kein neues Sicherheitsproblem des phpBB sondern nur irgendeine andere unsichere Software auf dem Server.

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2 Kommentare zu “ gehackt”

  1. Jann
    12. Februar 2005 um 16:48

    so schnell kanns gehen. Die Seite ist aber wieder online …

  2. Testttyq
    17. Juni 2008 um 12:55



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